Against the Odds


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Kuwait International Model United Nations (KIMUN) is the first international MUN conference held in Kuwait and is a completely student-run non-profit organization Our mission is to foster global leaders and to create an environment for international students from around the globe to interact and share ideas on the world's pressing problems. The first ever KIMUN conference was held in 2016 and has continued annually since then. 

Mission Statement

We strive to promote critical thinking, diplomacy and political awareness of global issues in the youth today. We hope to inspire legions of future diplomats, activists, economists and educators to hone their leadership abilities and exercise their conflict resolution skills.

Participants aim to develop comprehensive strategies used to address questions of peace, security, development and human rights. Their joint efforts will instill in them a better understanding of socio-political and economic motivations and how they translate into either conflict or cooperation.

This Year

Aiming to promote education of the youth in the realms of political science and international relations and enlightening individuals of their roles in the developing world, this year's conference will be predominantly local. The conference will span from April 13th through 15th and will adopt a theme of  "Against the Odds."


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The Secretariat



Mohammed Al-Mailam

After doing Model United Nations at Yale University over the summer two years ago, I discovered my passion for public speaking and politics. In all honesty, I never thought I'd be this involved in an extracurricular, but I have grown so invested in Model UN and its respective community that I can only imagine how difficult it will be to cut ties with it after I become a senior and later graduate. As the American School of Kuwait's Head Executive of Delegate Affairs, and Kuwait International Model United Nation's Secretary-General, I am beyond humbled, and wish everyone a great conference! 




Yale University, Local Conferences, THIMUN, ASK Head Executive of Delegate Affairs.


• Politics
• Public Speaking
• Discussing Social Issues

Favorite Commission

• Security Council/Crisis




Fala Al-Therban

I started Model United Nations back in 2014 as a delegate, and now as a senior, I am thrilled to have KIMUN 2017 be the final conference in my high school career. After participating in a plethora of conferences at both local and international levels, I am confident to say that the best is certainly yet to come. I feel the utmost privilege to be serving as your Deputy Secretary-General, and I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you. So delegates, chairs, and admins - whether this is your first, fifth, or fifteenth conference, I hope I can make it one you'll always remember.




Numerous Local and International Level Conferences


• Debating foreign policy
• Dissecting issues of geopolitical significance
• Assessing the nature of upholding humanity in policy making

Favorite Commission

• Human Rights Council/Territorial Disputes



Deputy-Secretary General

Saad Mallah

It is through commitment, passion, and the continuous pursuit of excellence and impact that great things can be achieved. And KIMUN, being no exception, is to become for many the stepping stone to a world of turbulence -- one whose fate lies in the hands of the youth who have already taken it upon themselves to initiate change. My first MUN experience as a middle schooler shaped and transformed who I have become today -- from making a fool of myself on the very first day to being awarded Best Delegate on the last -- I have learned the true essence of public speaking and discovered myself during the process. I hope for an enriching experience for all the delegates joining us in KIMUN 2017 and as the Deputy Secretary-General of this conference, will ensure to put in my own share of passion and commitment in the pursuit of excellence and impact. 




Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Treasurer of Various Organizations. 


  • Public Speaking and Debate
  • Philanthropy
  • Healthcare

Favorite Commission

• Economic and Social (ECOSOC)/World Health Organization (WHO)


Under Secretariat and General Executives

Hope is that small voice that says we will not be silenced.
— Gordon Brown