Against the Odds

Kuwait International Model United Nations

KIMUN 2017

April 13-15

Note: There will be no entrance fee for KIMUN 2017.


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Kuwait International Model United Nations (KIMUN) is the first international MUN conference held in Kuwait and is a completely student-run non-profit organization. Our mission is to foster global leaders and to create an environment for international students from around the globe to interact and share ideas on the world's pressing problems. The first ever KIMUN conference was held in 2016 and has continued annually since then. 

Mission Statement

We strive to promote critical thinking, diplomacy and political awareness of global issues in the youth today. We hope to inspire legions of future diplomats, activists, economists and educators to hone their leadership abilities and exercise their conflict resolution skills.

Participants aim to develop comprehensive strategies used to address questions of peace, security, development and human rights. Their joint efforts will instill in them a better understanding of socio-political and economic motivations and how they translate into either conflict or cooperation.




Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)


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